About us

QuinnEssentials was born out of a belief that there is nothing better than celebrating a special person with a unique gift. Nothing is nicer than a small surprise to mark a special occasion or holiday throughout the year. We have spent decades curating for perfect gift ideas for a wide variety of recipients. We hope to help others in their endeavors. This is your chance to share in our finds.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend on a special birthday ,or an amazing teacher who has unmasked a whole new confidence in your 3rd grader, we have you covered. Everyone has a Great Aunt with unique taste and a penchant for grudges, a friend who does not yet know that she will be hosting you—as well as your 4 energetic kids and two dogs—at her cottage for a week this summer (surprise!), or a colleague who is better known for her amazing cocktail parties than her computer skills.

QuinnEssentials has it all. No challenge is too big or small. So, take a look around and have fun finding something for all the important people in your life, no matter what your budget! We are here to help!